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 U4U6 | U7 & U8 | U9 – U19

Due to some changes with ASA and CMSA, the age groups have changed slightly.  You can continue registering your child, however the age group that he or she will be placed in at the time of registration may or may not be the age group at the time of the games. Fee structure is not affected by the change.

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MSB United Soccer Club believes that every
child should have the opportunity to play.

If you need help with funding for your children(s)
participation in sports, please check out the following websites.
Kidsport Calgary  |  JumpStart

Registration FAQ

1. What can I use for proof of age?
If your child is a returning player, chances are we already have proof of age. If your child has a
player’s card, no other proof of age is required. Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA)
requires a government document to confirm age: a COPY of your child’s Alberta Health Card
OR Birth Certificate OR Passport. If your child is a new player to U11-U18 or playing in U9 for
the first time, registration cannot proceed without this information. We can photocopy your proof of age document at in-person registration.

2. When can I register online? Jan 2018 

2a. In-Person Registration Dates 

 Date:  Thursday, March 1 2018
Time:  6:00-8:00pm
Place: Huntington Hills Community Centre
520 – 78th Avenue NW 
Date:  Saturday, Feb 24 2018
Time:  11am – 1:00pm
Place: VIVO
11950 Country Village Link NE 

3. Can I register by mail?
Yes. Print this form Registration Form (It can be filled out electronically then printed) *Updated Feb 2018*
complete all the sections thoroughly, then mail it with the proper fee
(as indicated on the Registration Form) to:
MSB United Soccer
Suite 433 300 – 8120 Beddington Blvd NW
Calgary, Alberta T3K 2A8

4. How do I pay?

  • Online: with MasterCard or Visa
  • Mail: by Cheque (do not mail cash)
  • In-Person: by Cheque or Cash

5. What is Technical Training?
Technical training is to improve the style and skill of their play. Teams in U9-U10 Tier A or B &
U11-U16 Tier I, II, III must attend team technical. MSB offers individuals to sign up for
additional technical training from certified personnel for players in the U8-U14 age groups that
are not on teams with team technical training to be held on Friday nights. Individual technical
training is not mandatory. Teams may choose to hire any technical trainer for team technical
training at team expense.

6. What if I can’t afford to put my child in soccer?
All kids should have the opportunity to play. Contact our Registrar (
to discuss your options. Players who require financial assistance must go through
KidSport ( – an organization that helps families overcome financial
barriers that prevent kids from participating in organized sports.

7. What if I missed the registration deadline?
You can register late, but after the CMSA deadline you will be required to pay an additional
$50. Players may be put on a waiting list if their registration package is received after the last in
person registration. Your child’s position on that list is determined by the date upon which we
receive all registration forms and fees. If your child is placed on a team, you will be contacted
by an Age Group Coordinator. The MSB refund policy will apply – if your child is not placed on
a team, you will be refunded 100% of your registration fee.

8. What if I can’t remember the position my child played on his/her team last year?
Not a problem, that information is optional along with jersey/short sizes.

9. My child is ready to play in a higher age group than the age-appropriate one.
Can he/she 
move up to the next age group?
Your child will be automatically registered in the appropriate age group. You may indicate in the
comments section at time of registration that you would like your child to play up one age group but
depending on registrants will determine if your play up is granted. Additional fees would be collected
after player placement if required. The child will evaluate in the age group according to their age.

10. When will try-outs be held?
All players are guaranteed a spot on a team. Tryouts for Tiers I, II, III will be offered in
conjunction with evaluations to all players. You can visit or contact your age
group coordinator (AGC) for this information. However, once we have set the evaluation dates
you will be contacted at the email address you have provided on your child’s registration form.
All evaluation dates are posted on the MSB website.

11. How do I get my child a CMSA Player Card?
Check to determine if your child requires a Player Card.

  • If he/she needs a Player Card, check the CMSA website for dates and times.
  • If he/she played for another club then the previous coach should have returned your child’s
    Player Card to you at the end of their last season.
  • If your child is a returning player, it is your responsibility to ensure that your son/daughter
    retrieved their Player Card from their last coach.
  • If you cannot find your child’s Player Card, you MUST replace it through CMSA at your own expense.

NOTE: If you do not return your child’s jersey, we will hold onto your child’s card until the
is returned and submit the players name to CMSA preventing registration with any club.

12. I don’t have my child’s CMSA number. Do I need it?
Your child’s CMSA number is found on their Player Card. All CMSA numbers for returning MSB
players have been entered into the CMSA system. If your child has played for a different soccer
club and is moving to MSB, copy the CMSA number off his/her Player Card to the MSB
Registration Form and our Registrar will initiate a club transfer. New players are not required to
provide a CMSA number on their Registration Form.

13. I’m registering my child with MSB. Can we try out for another club too?
Your MSB Registration Form will be accepted with the expectation that your child intends to
play with our club. We have a very strict refund policy. If you have submitted a Registration
Form, you may withdraw the application before a specific date (see the Registration Form
and/or the website for dates) for a full refund, minus a $100 administration fee.
However, if your child has attended an evaluation session, you will not be eligible
for a refund (unless it is for a season-ending injury).

14. May I pay a small fee so that my child can attend evaluations?
No.  If you are registered and have paid the fees, your child is welcome to join the evaluations.
Evaluations are done to allow coaches and technical training staff to place your child on the best suited team within MSB.

15. Do I need to sign a waiver?
YES, All players must have consented to the CMSA waiver form by a parent or guardian before participating in league play.
CMSA waiver forms will be emailed after team placement to become eligible to play.  Please check your junk mail regularly.
Waiver forms must be signed each year.  They do not carry over to the next season.

16. Do I need to pay for the Jersey Deposit in advance?
No. However, the jersey deposit is held until the jerseys are to be returned.  As per the policy, if there is missing jerseys or damaged jerseys, you will then be charged the deposit fee to replace the jersey.  If you do NOT pay or payment is declined, your child will be put on a Do Not Release list and will remain there until payment is completed.  Why the deposit?  Every year MSB pays a-lot of money for lost or damaged jerseys, we simply can not continue to fund this unnecessary expense.  Jerseys are refreshed as required via our Equipment coordinator to insure that players are given the highest quality jerseys.